Nuwave Oven Complaints

The biggest Nuwave Oven complaints have really nothing to do with the product at all. The two most frequently mentioned complaints by far have to do with ordering the Nuwave Oven from the company's website and trying to return the product.

The Nuwave Oven can be ordered from various websites including Amazon and the Nuwave company website. There were no complaints we found concerning other websites, only ordering from the Nuwave website. When ordering online through the Nuwave site, complaints of not being given a total for the purchase until the credit card had been charged. Then once the order was complete, there were further complaints about not being able to cancel the order. Other Nuwave Oven complaints related to ordering were that even if you did not confirm your order online, your credit card was charged and the product shipped.

The fix to all of the above mentioned complaints is simply to order from another site like Amazon.  If you are interested in the accessories that come with the Nuwave oven from the Nuwave site, they can be purchased separately.  Our article on Nuwave Oven parts will explain how.  Some of these accessories come with the oven ordered on Amazon.

Additional complaints were made about returning the Nuwave Oven. The Nuwave company will only reimburse you for the cost of the actual product, not shipping and handling costs. We have found that this is a pretty standard practice among many vendors when returning merchandise.   The dome lid to the Nuwave Oven was subject of a very few complaints, but we though it was worth a mention.  Some people said their dome lid cracked.  Again, an overwhelming majority of the reviewers did NOT experience this problem.

There were very few Nuwave Oven complaints about the actual oven. To get an expanded view of what buyers thought of the actual Nuwave Oven product overall, see our article Nuwave Oven Reviews.